White Board Animation video at 5 dollars

white board animation


               White Board Animation Video at 5 dollars

                 We can create a small white board animation video for our business promotion or any presentation with in a day using Fiverr platform. Fiverr is a plateform where so many people are ready to work for you only for $5. So many people around the world with different talents are available here you can choose any work which are displayed in fiverr from $5 onwords.

     What is white board animation:
White Board animation is a process of creating a animation video using collective images drawn on white board by an artist to convey a message or to promote a product or business.
There are two types of white board animation videos available that are whit voice over and without voice. Now a days these white board animation is used for commercials also.

   Steps to login into fiverr:

     1) click on the image provided below.

2)yow will be directed into fiver Home page like shown below

white board animation

        3)Click on Join button which is on the top right corner as highlighted in red circle.

white board animation

white board animation

         4)You will be directed to sign up page. sign up using your details. fiverr will send a conformaion email to your mail id. verify that email.
         5)Now you can buy fiverr gigs now. choose one of the best gig which suits for you and pay using paypal/debit card/credit card.
6)After you purchase the gigs they will ask you the requirements for the video.
7)Fiverr also offers some extra gigs for you when you are active customer.
8)If you don’t like the work they are provided then fiverr will return your money.
9)You can also sell your gigs on fiverr by creating n account as seller.

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Best web Hosting

Web Hosting


best web hosting

                          Best web Hosting

         Hi, here I will tell you how to choose the  Best Wed Hosting for your website. Before I am getting into this topic I just want to tell you some small facts about Web Hosting.
       1) Web Hosting means Storage space for you website. Some big companies like Go daddy and I-page have large servers, which are having high storage space to store our website data.
       2)The Hosting companies will run 24/7 and 365 days continuously. If these server not work for some time then all our websites will not appear on net till the server begin to work.
       3)Hosting Providing companies have backup servers, where your data will be backup every day without any loss. If there is any server breakdown due to natural disaster or any other factors , the data from the backup servers retrieved.

  • Why we should buy Hosting:We can create our own hosting using our system and continuous net connection. Actually our website will have lots files which includes images, videos, PDFs, html code files. For all these files to load on internet we need a folder in our computer and net connection to it all the time. And this computer called as server, But any interruption in net connection will leads to our website down i.e nobody will able to see our website.
                    So people will purchase hosting service with some storage space, and these companies will take care of our websites in their large servers which are having high speed and no interruptions. 

    Best Web Hosting in my list:
    1) GoDaddy:
    It will provide unlimited Storage space and high bandwidth. This company maintain backup servers also.

  • Features:
    With unlimited hosting @ 549/month you will get
    Free domain
    unlimited websites
    unlimited storage
    unlimited Bandwidth
    Free business E-mail
    2)For Starter Website Hosting @ 99/month you will get
    Free domain
    1 website
    30gb Storage
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    To purchase please go to GoDaddy site by clicking the below image.
best web hosting

Best web Hosting

          2) iPage:
The second position is for iPage wed hosting because most of the features are same as  GoDaddy and it will also provides extra benefits for your website promotion.

Free Domain
For Hosting a starter site @ $1.99/month.
Unlimited websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited storage
Unlimited E-mails.
Extra Benefits:
$100 google Adwords credits when you use $25 in Adwords
$100 bing add credits
free yellow pages listing.
iPage site builder banner


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